hebinotuki – 煌びやかなぐね〜く

The original NFT of GUNE~KU, the god of fortune.

Among GUNE~KU, this specializes in the field of money luck. Among the money luck, he is especially good at the fortune of investment fortune.

This GUNE~KU will make you happy by raising your luck related to investment.

“It’s actually very easy to make money with no effort♪ Let’s make the most of business opportunities!”

GUNE~KU is the snake god who watches over you with gentle drooping eyes so that you can enjoy your relaxing and happy life without difficulties. Each of the seven colored motifs on its belly contains the spiritual power inherited from the Seven Gods of Good Fortune.

GUNE~KU is a miraculous god of good fortune created by the thaumaturge Hebinotuki to turn people’s fortunes around and it grants the power to crawl up in a happy life.

Small luck to those who are involved. Great luck to those who are earnestly committed. Even more intense luck to those who are deeply dedicated.

With GUNE~KU, miracles happen such easily! Your life will change from the moment you get one.

About Hebinotuki
Hebinotuki is a thaumaturge of benefit creation, born of a mother descendant from Itako and a Shinto priest father. Her mother’s ancestors were exceptional practitioners at the Mount Osorezan, and have been featured in newspapers for their achievements in saving many people. Her mother was very wealthy when she was single, and lived an elegant life buying kimonos and learning tea ceremony and flower arrangement with the wealth that came in even though she did not work.

Her father was a Shinto priest, but perhaps because his spiritual power was too strong in a negative way, he often went violent with a very harsh mentality.

Although Hebinotuki managed to escape with her mother and was able to regain a peaceful life for a while, as Hebinotuki was born with a weak body, he/she spent many days in the hospital.

From then until she was over 30 years old, she lived a nearly bedridden life at home. One day, when she thought that he/she might end his/her life without being able to do anything, the snake god suddenly revealed to her, “You have the talent as a thaumaturge. Don’t give up on life, create your blessings, and save yourself first.”

From that day on, Hebinotuki began to listen to his/her inner voice and face his spiritual power, which she had neglected until then. Since then, her life has changed, from being able to manage to walk, to gradually being able to walk with firm footsteps. An unexpected extra income and a steady income also exploded. Additionally, her mental health improved and she gained the ability to feel happy just by being awake.

Having saved herself, Hebinotuki began to support those close to her with blessings, because she believed that acting for someone else was not only benefiting them, but also benefiting herself eventually. If there is no one who loses, and everyone wins happiness, it would even be difficult to find the disadvantages.

By spending your time surrounded by happy people, you will want to share your happiness with those who are far away from you too. Hebinotuki has set a goal, to color the world with good fortune. Sshe is convinced that this NFT project would be the best way to achieve this.

Her journey as a happiness explorer continues. So, why don’t you catch this lucky wave too?

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NFT URL: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/23540461849873758299156353948864919787556887072758726611161808753181734207489

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