Announcement: Winner of the NFTX New Logo Design Competition

Happy new year artists!

On our latest campaign NFTX × Foundation Design Competition #1 – WE NEED OUR NEW LOGO, we have received more than 30 submissions! Thanks all of you, for your participation in this competition!

After we had a thorough review on every single submission, all the submitted artworks and messages, we finally chose the winner who will achieve an opportunity to get promoted on our platform and a Foundation invite.

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NFTX × Foundation Design Competition #1 – WE NEED OUR NEW LOGO!


As our exhibition is established in 2021 and our 2nd year is almost coming, we are now looking for our new brand logo to express our branded emotion beautifully and amazingly. So here we hold a competition open to everyone who would like to be featured on our exhibition and grab a Foundation invite!

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ประกาศ: Foundation Community Upvote “Kids”

ขณะนี้เรากำลังจัดแคมเปญแจกฟรีสำหรับรหัสเชิญมูลนิธิที่เรียกว่า Foundation Community Upvote “Kids” (หรือ FCUK)

พูดง่ายๆ ก็คือ นี่คือเวอร์ชันขนาด “เด็ก” ของแคมเปญ Foundation Community Upvote Campaign (มีคู่แข่งน้อยกว่ามาก!)

กฎโดยทั่วไปจะเหมือนกับระบบ Foundation Community Upvote ดั้งเดิมใน FCUK แทนที่จะ “โหวต” NFT ที่มียอดดูและไลค์มากที่สุด จะได้รับรหัสเชิญ Foundation!

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Foundation Community Upvote “Kids”

We are currently running a new Foundation Invite Giveaway campaign called Foundation Community Upvote “Kids” (or, FCUK).

Simply, this is a “kids” sized version of Foundation Community Upvote Campaign (therefore less competitors!).

The rule is basically the same as the original Foundation Community Upvote system. On FCUK, instead of “voting”, the one with the highest views and likes will win the Foundation Invite code!

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Foundation Invites Giveaway – Season 4!


Foundation Invites Giveaway campaign is back! Please read the following announcement not to miss this chance!

This time, 10 invites will be given!

We are going to launch the giveaway campaign at some time between 14:00 – 15:00 (GMT) on 6th Feb on our website! If you are not familiar with GMT, we recommend checking the clock below and bookmarking this page.

This time we do not declare the exact launch time in order to avoid server attacks. Please be aware that it will not necessarily get started at 14:00. It might be 14:30 or 14:59…

Sorry! This campaign has been postponed due to system issue 🙁 Please be connected with us for further announcement.

[ycd_countdown id=4796]

This campaign is open to everyone and steps are very simple! We will drop an invite link to somewhere in one of the following 3 articles. So basically what you need to do is, as soon as the clock runs down to 00:00:00, go to the articles at your fastest possibility and find the link in there!

One more tricky thing: you will be asked to enter a password at some point. Do not check this page just before the campaign starts.


  • Any question will be welcomed on twitter. Contact to @NFTARTex.
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