The Easiest Guide for NFT Artists: Preparation Before Creating First NFT

If you are a talented artist, you have a big chance to monetize your creativity in the NFT market. But you don’t know how the NFT market works and have no idea what to prepare before you create your first NFT?

So, this article will explain the basic required and recommended preparation before you are getting into the NFT market, by as easier language as possible!

Understanding How NFT Works in the Market

As previously explained in our article The Easiest Guide for NFT Artists: Understanding the Basic Concept of NFT, NFTs are not just single digital image files. Every NFT links to Ethereum Block Chain and has different token IDs. This is why NFTs work as digital properties which can never be copied by anybody but the owners. In order to alter your creative art pieces into NFTs, you will need to register for one or more of NFT marketplaces and go through the “minting” process.

To get you ready to mint your artworks, let’s look at everything that you should prepare!

Prepare Ethereum Wallet (Metamask)

Ethereum, a.k.a. Ether or ETH… one of the major cryptocurrencies, is the main tool to buy and sell NFTs, which works as something like US dollar in the NFT market. In order to buy their favorite art pieces, collectors firstly convert any fiat (like USD, EUR, GBP… any currencies, which we use in our daily market) to ETH. The price of NFTs is shown in ETH (For example, 0.1ETH… this is almost equivalent to 400USD) and collectors pay or bid on the auction based on the proposed price.

So, every transaction is in ETH. When your work is sold, you will receive the profit in ETH. And you will pay the transaction fee to the market, this is also in ETH. This is why you need to prepare ETH and a virtual wallet to send and receive ETH.

There are many virtual wallets, but I strongly recommend Metamask, the most widely used crypto wallets for NFT creators. Because almost all the marketplaces are supported with Metamask, you will have no struggle of troubleshooting or any crucial errors by using it.

Buy Ethereum

After preparing your wallet, then you need to buy some ETH to pay your minting and listing fee. The system asks you to pay a little amount of network fee (called as Gas Fee) when you get your image files minted and listed onto NFT marketplaces. You will need to sign up an account of a cryptocurrency trading service to convert your fiat money to ETH. The international famous services are Binance and Coinbase, and you maybe find domestic service providers in your country too.

Get Your Twitter Account Active

As well as ETH preparation, you need to get ready on the social media side too. Often collectors seek for NFTs on Twitter and there are many chances for creators to show and appeal their creativity, I highly recommend you to create an active Twitter account. Some NFT marketplaces require an active Twitter for verification on sign up process too. Linking yourself to collectors and other creators are a great key to success in the NFT world!

Sign Up an NFT Marketplace Account

Once everything is ready, get yourself registered as an NFT artist! You will want to sign up an account of any NFT marketplace websites, such as Opensea, Rarible or Mintable. These three are the most common gateway for emerging NFT artists because anyone can sign up your account for free and will not require any additional contests. There are also some NFT marketplaces that asks you to submit your portfolios, like SuperRare. On this platform the moderator strictly assess the submitted portfolio and only a limited number of talented artists can join as creators.

Foundation and Makersplace are the platform that only invited artists can join. So starting your NFT career by using one of the major 3 and challenging to those exclusive platforms will be the best strategy!

So, This Is All You Need to Do Before Creating NFTs

Now, did you get yourself familiar with the basic steps to be an NFT creator? If yes and you want to look at the procedure more specifically, please visit other articles that give more technical information and instructions!

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