[ a y s h ] – this is a performance.

My project ‘this is a performance. on the blockchain’ was developed in 2021 and is based on net art, social-media and online form-based works I started in 2017-18. The concept behind the Blockchain Happening is to play with the NFT space and explore the potential it has for participatory happenings. ‘this is a performance’ on the Hicetnunc NFT platform is a conceptual blockchain crypto-performance piece where I mint artwork in real-time while the audience tries to catch a glimpse amongst the bustling and vibrant blockchain creative sphere.

Artworks from the happening are available for sale as 3/3 editions and many have already sold to those were able to snag a piece. The performance continues with ‘swapping’ where the price will be randomly changed until all pieces are sold. Any pieces that do not sell will be performatively ‘burned’. The participatory aspect happens when individual purchase the work and then resell or change the price. The buyer may also decide to burn the artwork. However, even if an artwork is burned there remains the blockchain link that the work was minted at some point and has a time stamp of the occurrence. The work also plays with the concept of fluctuation within cryptocurrencies hence why each piece may drop or rise rapidly in price.

NFT URL: https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/tz/tz1dLow7eJZoY1cad5v8Wcohj7VZVQcZygCv/creations

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/d_centrlaysh

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