Sonia G Caballero – Wisteria – Japan Collection

Wisteria is a play full of memories of my life in Japan. In the province of Tochigi is the Ashikaga Flower Park, famous throughout Japan and the world for its centuries-old Wisteria trees. I remember the first time I visited this park with my family, it made such an impression on me that it made me feel like heaven on earth. This work is my first Wisteria, and this park is the one that has led me to my obsession to paint Wisterias again and again.

JAPAN COLLECTION is inspired by the 20 years almost that I have been living in Japan. I have come to love this land, its culture, its wonderful landscapes, its classic art, as well as its delicacy. The works of this collection are an impression perceived by a cluster of emotions, feelings, together with the wonderful places that have been etched into my heart.


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