Artnacci – A Moment of thought in a Galaxy life

The life of a Galaxy is long…in this life we might never have the chance to see the cycle.

In order to view the global vision, you always need to step back on the situation of the moment. I created this Galaxy life time for those who feel stuck in the situation they live. There is more around you, all you need to do is step back and take a look at the global situation from a different view.
Perspective always helps us to reach our goals, stay focus! Believe in your visions and take a moment of thought!

Created with Blender 3.0.0 alpha
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
30 Fps for a total of 690 images
22 sec 99.2 Mo is the Max size for video on Mintable but 44 sec 163 Mo files is Attached
Music: Silence – Ambient Piano Trap by Alex-Productions.
(Full version is 44 sec 163 Mo)

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