Olay.ana – Melancholy

This collage is created from elements of AI-generated graphics and photos of real life objects. It refers to a feeling of melancholy.
Each emotion has its own levels of depth, its own color and its own images. In this image, I see melancholy. It envelops everything in a deep purple haze, but still leaves room for hope and light. Sadness? Yearning? Blues?

Surreal digital collage
2000×2000 px

NFT URL: https://mainnet.sign-art.app/user/3PHM6odfeQNFfcBb7jF1BvGf6x61MUTswXr/artwork/5a1fNsFLLGxd175M3RxkTDzGir4kzyb7gjmyBSwxh4r1

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/OlayAna_

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