Tarjei Lienig – 1/1 MUSIC NFT No. 80 – 9th Gen AUTUMN REACH – Dirk

ROOMIES are COLLECTIBLE 1/1 MUSIC NFT’s with unique personalities which live together in the blockchain, giving it a soul. ROOMIES are sound and feelings combined. With their own will, mind, levels and stats they are perfect for adventurous collectors who want to collect music in an original way.

Comes with unlockable content from the recording session!

About: Dirk

Among grains of sand lives Dirk. He fights a calming battle for existence in between. He is the feeling of sand moving through your hand, slipping, running like water, leaving residue which you might call dirt. This is what he identifies with. It is also where his name comes from. He is neither the clean hand, nor the running of sand that permeates the kinesthetic sense. He is the residue. The forever in between and after. He follows where the masses go, but leaves an almost invisible imprint every time. He is the moment of thought found in every moment, and every action, and every detail that surrounds us. The feeling of happiness followed by mild sorrow, unexplained. Nothing more, nothing less, but still there.

NFT URL: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/76077794565718226373874436126464941724070473957547354386059771522873124978689

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/RealTarjeija

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