Andrey Subbotko – Immortal Books

I called this work “Immortal Books”.
Today, in the 21st century, computer technologies are widely used. The products of the creative work of writers and authors are being digitized everywhere, applications with large online libraries are being created.
On the one hand, it helps writers to convey their creativity to people, to find their audience, on the other hand, it is convenient and saves time for readers. On the Internet, you can find and download a book that is not available in stores, you can easily read books in the original language.
Everything is being digitized and developed, it seems that books are becoming less relevant. Does it seem so or is it really so? A question that time will give you an answer to.
In my work, I depicted several old, dusty books lying on the shelves in the captain’s cabin of a pirate ship. Thick folios bring to descendants immortal knowledge, wisdom and truth, relevant at all times.
I know that books carry not only knowledge, but also evoke memories. There is a soul in books. Therefore, they are immortal.


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