benoit vidal – TV show 1987 has BTC logo and then gets lost !

The content of NFT was made from a video edited in 1987 where my father is interviewed in a museum where he exhibits his creations.
He worked hard every day between his family life and his art.
He was passionate about surfing and art.
He was a hippie, a peaceful activist and a thinker.
Unfortunately, he died while freediving in order to become stronger to surf in difficult conditions.
The records of this interview are lost and this is all that remains of him.
His death has meant a difficult life for our whole family.
We had few resources and as the commentator states in the interview, my mother worked to give my father the opportunity to practice his art.
My mother, my older brother and I suffered.
Today, we are grown up, we are nourished by his love, his passion for art.
Late in life I discovered the VHS tape of his interview. I had already invested about 50 euros in crypto-currency out of curiosity. When I discovered in this video that the logo of the show was BTC, I jumped on my seat. Could this be a message to extend the work of my father through the NFT community, the crypto community in general?
From a physical art, on metals, wood, real works of art questioning the symbolism in our lives, to a video on magnetic tape, to an exciting digital creation, then linked to the history of the blockchain and therefore potentially immortal?
I even imagined, insofar as this project would have a real impact, transforming my life, transforming the lives of others, by using a part of the sale of his NFT, to create a foundation to save nature and finance plans to clean up the oceans.
The French national archives have no record of this program. Neither do local archives.
I am both surprised and pleased. I can thus exploit this material at my leisure.
I’m taking small steps forward. This video carries a comic sense that deserves to be seen as a whole. I am discovering this field and I hope to make a project that will go down in history.


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