Pedro Dominguez de la Peña – To Hell With Culture

This NFT is based on a photorealistic oil painting that I did some years ago. In Cuba, the island where I was born and live, we have a popular phrase that had use for many years and which referred to people who left the country and they were never known again, it was said that they had taken “The Coca Cola that makes you forget” referring to the fact that Coca Cola, a symbol of new life, made them forget their past on the island, which for many had been bitter. This work tried to represent the rupture of that idea during the rapprochement between both cultures a few years ago. For me is pure popular culture, it arose at the same moment that relations between the people of Cuba and the United States were resumed after almost 60 years, it is an unequivocal reflection of the cultural shock that was lived in Havana in those years. It was like a party, where you must break your old way of seeing things to give way to a new thoudght.


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