Tarjei Lienig – The Presence Of Evil: Ambition

All the people in all the world share so many things. Water, air, sleep and rest bind us to one another with invisible bonds tied so thoroughly and meticulously that only the farthest of futures might one day break them. There are other things that we also share. Our love, our passion, or families and fears, and more there is, a never ending list. But for all we share there is one item on this list that clings so hard to our hearts that it rises above all else. Our ambition. For ambition is the thing that gives us our path. Ambition can build kingdoms and open closed eyes. Ambition can shelter loved ones and feed a child. Ambition can change and mold itself to what we are and what we have. Whether small or grand, ambition follows us and guides us. It consumes our very being and focuses our gaze. So much in fact that our other bonds must adhere to it. It decides which are important, and which are not. Why connect when our ambition tells us otherwise? We are all connected by ambition, but by ambition we are divided. We are its slave, and it is our master.

The Presence Of Evil explores the phenomenon of malice and ill intent. It aims to create more conscientiousness around evil, both on the outside and within. Because evil comes in many forms, many of them not easily identified at first glance. Your actions and inactions might house more sinister content than the way you understand them yourself. And the things you encounter in your journey of life always house more meanings than one. The Presence Of Evil wants to hold your hand for a while and guide you through the more darker parts of humanity.

Only 20 will ever be made. They are all 1/1.

Comes with a poem to contextualize each item.

Unlockable content contains a high quality video file of the piece and other files from the creative process.

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