Anneliese Gillespie – Champion of Perspective – A Virtual World.

Eyes see senses absorb, the body feels, the mind interprets. Dare to imagine a world without boundaries that will allow
you to detach from the physical and integrate with the
virtual. The pinnacle of self-expression, therapy for the soul.

Only the mind sees with perception dictating the reality we accept. Remove the constraints of the physical world, step
into the virtual with absolute freedom of expression,
unleash desires as if in a dream state. You will be who you
truly want to be, dictating your own path.

Welcome to a world without limits. The sense of sight after all resides in your mind. What the mind sees dictates
feeling. We are breaking the congregation of power amongst the few, delivering opportunity back to the masses. This is a world free from control, decentralized, free from
influence. This is a new world, full of new opportunities
restricted only by the limitations of imagination.



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