Alexandru Crisan – aLIEN’s wORLD’s #01

Collection description: Alien/’(s) World/(’s) is a series of digital images within which different scenarios may be played-out by the viewer’s imagination. The geometric mandalas are the perfect medium entering the metaverse, a world of imaginary spaces and fantastic hidden creatures. It’s a strange world… an abstract world of unpredictable, beautiful dreams or terrifying nightmares. The images are newborn architectural spaces that enrich the world of the imaginary, highlighting the infinite possibilities to dream on.

NFT format: 7000 x 3111 px / PNG / 40.4MB
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Note that this NFT is backed by an unframed unique, original signed archival pigment art print on paper at museum standard, 335 x 150 cm, that the winner of the auction may redeem once the price point of ETH 50 has been reached/exceeded. Any sale bellow this price point, and any subsequent sales of the NFT on secondary markets, will not generate any contractual obligations for the artist.

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