Sebs jacklin – Broken with neon

Sebs Jacklin Collection: Broken with Neon Experimenting with Neon reflections and Pattern Glass formations. Broken with Neon is a Collaboration of styles and digital manipulation techniques accumulated over a 20-year creative journey by Sebs Jacklin. Using a combination of AI Python OpenGL Labs multi language programming and taking source imagery from everyday street objects. Sebs Jacklin has produced this theme-based AI production entitled Broken with Neon. All NFT Tokens use a creative hybrid process, combining the power of Artificial Intelligence and Human Ingenuity. The Broken with Neon, NFT Collection was designed and minted using the following formula: Source Image Captured x Pixel Ratio adjustment x (AI) unique variation Command Prompt Generation x 4-fold python language-image selection. This Algorithm produced the final image as a Minted NFT


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