Kazuhisa Oishi – Fukujusou heralds the arrival of spring in Nagano

Nagano Prefecture, located in the inland part of Honshu, has a cold climate and heavy snowfall in the north, making the natural environment extremely harsh.
I thought that the Fukujusou was in full bloom in Tatsuno Town, so the timing was just right.
I had the feeling that someone had stopped me on the road in the village, so I parked my car. And when I went in the direction called, there was a golden-coloured fukujusou calling me to come here.
It was a very cold day when I photographed these flowers, but their appearance made me feel like the sun shining brightly on the earth.
When I talked with them, Fukujusou said that spring had finally come to this mountain village and that he was happy and excited.
I could feel the joy of spring coming from them. Snow still remains here and there in Tatsuno Town, but Fukujusou announces the early arrival of spring in this mountain village, and my heart is filled with the joy of the arrival of spring.

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