Doodlz – A Digital Thought’s Microcosm

Artists often search within themselves to determine ways in which they can articulate or illicit their intentions, their imagination, their fears- all being an amalgamation of aspects of one’s self coming through with the simple notion of digesting a thought. Whether it’s readily available imagery appearing in our mind or not, we often find ourselves becoming critical thinkers, and with that, sifters of the void within our mind. Each of us experiencing a different reality compared to another yet all try to investigate ways in which we can communicate or relay those ideas, concepts, and more importantly, perspective. The simple question we can ask ourselves is what are you trying to find within yourself? What do you want you want this person to understand simply through a visual? It is in this realm that this microcosm exists within us all and what gave inspiration to this piece. “A Digital Thought’s Microcosm” serves in some capacity as a visual representation of what that part of our mind may look like, a place we may go to find meaning in our work and to generate ideas.


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