Universal_Smile – Rain

How long have you been enjoying the rain? Simple May rain. You did not hide and did not run away, but turned your face to heavenly drops. I just recently went outside and made friends with a thunderstorm. It’s magical

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Mariko teratoko – green

This artwork is painted with oil. I use the techniques of dropping and stamping. I would be happy if you feel open mind of sky, suppleness of green, and light pouring on it.
I want to express the “color of memory” that I saw or felt somewhere someday. My main method of expression is mixed media such as oil on canvas .The color of the water, the color of the mountains, the color of the sky, the color of the city, the color of the vegetation, they are all in the memory of life, and they all lead to painting. myself. I consider myself a flat painter. In the process of layering “color and space”, which are important elements of the work, it leads to the “color of memory”, which is a Japanese sensibility.


NFT URL: https://foundation.app/@teratoko/mariko/2

Amy Diener – Lupins

Pohutukawa was inspired by the color combinations from the evergreen pohutukawa trees in Wellington, New Zealand. This beautiful tree has vibrant red flowers and thick, twisted roots. The tree is a symbol of New Zealand, and has branded itself as New Zealand’s Christmas tree due to the colors and the blooming of the flowers during Christmas time. I saw many of these trees while visiting New Zealand in December; they are absolutely stunning.

I incorporated this color palette within my signature dot style to uplift and re-energize the viewer.

NFT URL: https://makersplace.com/amydiener

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/Amy_Diener

Ahmad Yousif – Ai Artist

Godess from Planet March Silina Benzir is ready to strike our planet earth for eternal peace.

With her piercing gaze and adorned in a golden necklace, Silina Benzir possesses a unique ability to harness magical vibrations. Her powers allow her to dispel negative energies and bring light and positivity to those around her. Silina embodies compassion and holds herself to a high moral standard, making her a true inspiration to all who know her. She has a deep connection with the celestial bodies and is said to speak the language of the moon and sun.

Ai Art And story by Ahmad Yousif for @nilearteternal

NFT URL: https://www.instagram.com/p/CsHTBDfOwWt/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

Larry Hopewell – Whittle and Wish

This piece is from a new series, digital takes on the diptych compositions of my early work as a painter and my interest in visual dichotomies or comparisons dating back to the mid 1980’s. It is also an attempt to add a bit of color to my recent, essentially monotone palette.

The work continues my practice of collage, the use of disassociation, juxtaposition, arbitrary imagery and random composition.

Document Type: JPEG file
Application: Adobe Photoshop 22.5
File Size: 7.06 MB
Dimensions: 5120p x 3840p (17.1” x 12.8”)
Resolution: 300ppi
Bit Depth: 8
Color Mode: RGB
Color Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

NFT URL: https://foundation.app/@larry_hopewell

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/larry_hopewell

Loiza – RockRocks

“THE ROCK” IS LIKE A ROCK., physically strong and difficult to break! This NFT represents the strong and bold Dwayne Johnson who is an American Actor popularly known as THE ROCK. The concept behind this was to turn “THE ROCK” into an actual rock.

NFT URL: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/96826684865787691478055685409966329738932457563203059526968943288389185044481

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Kazuhisa Oishi – Nymphaea Bull’s Eye

This is an improved variety of tropical water lily.
Created in 2007, this water lily is not only beautiful, but also bewitching and gorgeous, and remind us of Cleopatra VII of Egypt.
Loved by the heroes Caesar and Antonius, not just loved,
The beauty that combines intelligence is a woman who is fascinated by both men and women.
Passionate and beautiful, over 2000 years of time,
Cleopatra VII who fascinates people,
It is a fantastic flower that gives the illusion that this beautiful and bewitching Bull’s eye has been revived as Cleopatra VII.

NFT URL: https://foundation.app/@kvvitoya/fairy-107c/4

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/bergen_spits

GEN ASAHINA – GEN.A Woman-portrait 367

Soshukai’s Gen Asahina is a Japanese artist who specializes in portraits of women.
While making use of his oil painting techniques, he combined digital techniques to improve his expressiveness and created his own unique artistic style.
His brushstrokes are bold and delicate. And what makes him special is his coloring, which will surely make you fall in love with his work.
His work is featured on Instagram. – https://www.instagram.com/soshukai/ –

NFT URL: https://foundation.app/@SOSHUKAI/gena/3

fuon1217 – 腑(fu)


The word “腑” (fu) includes the meaning of “heart” or “guts”. The expression on her face looks as if she sees through the heart of someone and is sneering at them “fuh…”.

NFT URL: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/89986014537013203723727585888739288181958713051234548954018104697426286739457

KutuzovA – Eva

Eva, the child, was born inside a flower. She was born on a world where parents tend to flower so that their newborn can be born in bloom. With thoughts rooted in unwavering love for one another and for their planet, the flower’s tuber is attained. Future parents hold hands, their minds entwined, and sink into the soil. A new tuber that will eventually bear a flower and a newborn is made in this way. Size : 3700 x 3700, 300 dpi Co-created with AI + Procreate

NFT URL: https://objkt.com/asset/KT1PnYddKz84p8FWJLkqmcwBViLFBRgjsPkk/10

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/AkutuzovArt

Siyasense – Somanta Galactic Spaceship Base

An illustration cured with techniques to design a Spaceship Base on Somanta. Somantians have survived in the middle of chaos for ions. Prepared and fought wars. This is the first illustration in the storyline of their kind and their existence. The tribe is a tribe of celebrated warriors and Emperors whose leadership has been sung for ages. Let’s enter the world of Somanta.

NFT URL: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/75404060418587843990367598824232471745214019682484523123266416022176219004938/

Twitter Profile URL: Siya_siya_99

Central Bank Bandit – Thoughtful Insights By Central Bank Bandit

3,000 VIP NFT Passes on the Polygon Network. These NFTs release multiple small crypto giveaways and at 600 mints a Limited Edition Robo is sent to one holder with an incentive of $1,000 in crypto. There are only 5 to collect.

Central Bank Bandit has also launched CBB COIN, a coin Jon Binance pegged to

We have a decentralised UHive News Feed which provides information on how the central bank banksters are collapsing the bank and seizing your assets and more importantly your freedom. News censored by the mainstream media and who control our money.

We also have a decentralised top level domain on Handshake Blockchain. Anyone who sees something terribly wrong in the world needs to join our discord and take part.

Any social media content managers who’s content is deleted reach out we have a decentralised place where your content will get the information out.

NFT URL: https://cbbcoin.xyz/

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/CBBCoin?t=T_TP5ovN4H15Jt8PflXn9Q&s=09

Oleg Lurye – A Mirror Above the Abyss

The world’s first NFT, which contains the full exclusive copyright to a work of fiction, а thriller A Mirror Above the Abyss, is up for sale. For the first time, all property rights and author’s moral rights are incorporated only into this NFT.
Perhaps this project will revive the NFT markets.

NFT URL: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/5416203131881677187009069381474227728880815531844827526573944551020974571521

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/OlegLurie

Kazuhisa Oishi – Fukujusou heralds the arrival of spring in Nagano

Nagano Prefecture, located in the inland part of Honshu, has a cold climate and heavy snowfall in the north, making the natural environment extremely harsh.
I thought that the Fukujusou was in full bloom in Tatsuno Town, so the timing was just right.
I had the feeling that someone had stopped me on the road in the village, so I parked my car. And when I went in the direction called, there was a golden-coloured fukujusou calling me to come here.
It was a very cold day when I photographed these flowers, but their appearance made me feel like the sun shining brightly on the earth.
When I talked with them, Fukujusou said that spring had finally come to this mountain village and that he was happy and excited.
I could feel the joy of spring coming from them. Snow still remains here and there in Tatsuno Town, but Fukujusou announces the early arrival of spring in this mountain village, and my heart is filled with the joy of the arrival of spring.

NFT URL: https://foundation.app/@kvvitoya/bwj/4

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