Maria Helena Trad – MAZEHUALIZTLI

Centro Médico Mazunte
Oaxaca, México

February 9, 2020

Third in a collection of 7 NFTs, reception for the public art piece ‘Fénix Ometeotl’ commenced with the Nahuatl ritual ‘Mazehualiztli’ performed by two Mexican shamans, Ome Tochtly and Elian Cohuatzpali. The ceremony began at dusk during a full moon as both celestial bodies were present in the sky.

Celebrating the movements of Tōnatiuh and Metztli, Nahuatl sun and moon deities, Ome danced while Elian drummed with a Huehuetl percussion instrument; integrating in mathematical method the movements of the planets into cosmically attuned choreography and rhythm.

Half of auction sales will be donated to Centro Médico Mazunte, as well as royalties paid to Ome Tochtly and Elian Cohuatzpali.


Twitter Profile URL: @TradHelena

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