Tarjei Lienig – 1/1 MUSIC NFT No. 84 – 10th Gen SUMMER GRASP – Taren

ROOMIES are COLLECTIBLE 1/1 MUSIC NFT’s with unique personalities which live together in the blockchain, giving it a soul. ROOMIES are sound and feelings combined. With their own will, mind, levels and stats they are perfect for adventurous collectors who want to collect music in an original way.

Comes with unlockable content from the recording session!

About: Taren

A memory can be the most wonderful thing. Some argue that the only thing we have are memories. That even this exact moment is but a memory separating reality from mind by fractions of seconds. Whether one agrees or not, Taren lives a double life with his memories. He has had an upbringing with no parents, and really no one to look up to except the immediate conditions surrounding him, guiding him to make meaningful decisions based upon his instincts. Over time he has managed to be as present in the moment as he can be. This is where he belongs, and where he is happy. This is where he can be away from his mind by creating new memories instant after instant. But as all of us know, the mind can wander. When Tarens mind wanders he shudders. His environment closes around him. Like an old adversary the memories take over his mind just for a moment. It is not the memories themselves that have this effect on Taren, but the act itself of locating from the storage of the mind. Only experience allows Taren to recognize what is happening to him whenever his mind tries to wander. Being adept at playing mind games with himself he hurriedly focuses outward to the beauty of the world, the smells, sounds, sights and textures around him. His mind is again at rest. It was just a quick look over the edge, just like always and often. Not dangerous, but in need of keeping in check. This is how Taren lives his life. Always good and kind, giving peace to his surroundings. But like most of us, there is a war to be fought on the inside to keep the peace on the outside.

NFT URL: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/76077794565718226373874436126464941724070473957547354386059771527271171489793

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/RealTarjeija

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