NFTX × Foundation Design Competition #1 – WE NEED OUR NEW LOGO!


As our exhibition is established in 2021 and our 2nd year is almost coming, we are now looking for our new brand logo to express our branded emotion beautifully and amazingly. So here we hold a competition open to everyone who would like to be featured on our exhibition and grab a Foundation invite!

Please show your creativity and surprise us with your amazing idea! We welcome any style of designs, but please note there are a few rules.


  • 1. Format: JPG, PNG or static GIF.
  • 2. Size: Must be larger than 1980 x 1980
  • 3. You need to submit 2 or 3 files.
    • FILE 1: with the letters “NFTX”
    • FILE 2: with letters “NFTX – NFT ART Exhibition”
    • FILE 3: with no letters
  • 4. Should not be strongly related to politics, sex, religions or other social concerns. Have to be fair, universal and comfortable for everyone.
  • 5. Should be recognizable in B/W, or you can prepare the B/W version separately.
  • 6. We are basically open to any styles, but please read this article.

Most importantly: Show your talent! Stick to your style! It would be the gateway for collectors to know your creativity.

Submission deadline: 23:59 (GMT) on Dec 31rd, 2021.

Winner will get… Special promotion & a Foundation invite!

The winner will get an honor to be featured and promoted in our special page and the very top section of our website. Also, you will be invited to Foundation by our team members!

If you don’t win the 1st prize, you still have a great opportunity for promotion! All of submitted works will be presented in our pages.  

Note: All the rights of the works will belong to us after your submission and we will be fully able to copy, modify and reproduce the works in commercial and non-commercial uses. You agree to this by submitting your works.

We look forward to your submission! 👇

    Spread the Art!