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Sharp Bunnies is a collection of 9999 programmatically generated unique bunny and egg images (artwork). Each Sharp Bunnies NFT has over 200+ attributes that make them different from each other. You can mint the NFTs on the official website of Sharp Bunnies and stake them to earn $LUCK.

Other than that, NFT holders can also play exciting games on the Sharp Bunnies website to win $LUCK tokens.

While Sharp Bunnies are non-fungible tokens, with a fixed limited number and each token different from another, $LUCK is your regular cryptocurrency and can be traded on exchanges. The value of Sharp Bunnies will depend on how rare it is and how much demand it has in the market. And for that of $LUCK, the value will depend on its market demand and popularity and will increase as more users buy and trade the token.
Sharp Bunnies Top Features

Top Features of Sharp Bunnies are as follows:

Everyone is a Winner!

Every single person who mints Sharp Bunnies NFT will also get a Lucky Egg. In other words, you receive two unique NFTs for the price of one. This makes sure that everyone, every buyer of Sharp Bunnies, is a winner.

Play to Earn ($LUCK)

Sharp Bunnies will hold a number of existing new games and Olympics-like events, which not only give you a chance to put your NFTs to use but also enable you to earn interesting rewards while doing so. All Sharp Bunnies holders can participate in the games and competitions and win & earn rewards, including cashbacks, tokens, and more. New games will be released every four months.


Raffle is the most interesting part of Sharp Bunnies, some would say. It is a unique buy-and-earn program where the buyers of Sharp Bunnies NFT will each stand a chance to win ETH or USD through a lucky reward system.

40 token holders are randomly selected and rewarded with ETH or USD for every 100 tokens minted. That is, for every 1000 NFTs minted, 400 buyers/holders will win. The winners will be given a portion of sales (to be announced later).

Minting date: 27th January 2022

Blockchain : Ethereum



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