Jungle Mania – Jungle Mania

Jungle mania is a project from the heart of London, United Kingdom.
Brought to you by CEO and founder Shahjan partnered with co-founder childhood best mate and artist Caesar.

Jungle mania is a project that takes inspiration from the plethora of NFT projects within the web space and has identified a niche nobody has set to discover, including blockchain movies and Metaverse cinemas.

Jungle mania is set to be the worlds first NFT movie and accompanied by the worlds first Metaverse cinema.

Allowing interchangeable characters within our jungle mania movies sets an endless opportunity of customisation and immersion within the project.

Jungle mania cinemas are also a platform of which our community can create pro movies and we can use it as a platform to grow them and create audience to their creative arts journey.

With the fusion of NFT cinematography, we also will be hosting the worlds first film festival with many new upcoming directors and actors receiving sponsorships and creating 15 -20 min feature films.

A very unique VR experience is also set to take place within the grounds of the Metaverse. This is a Jurassic world like experience which is very family friendly and really aims to allow members and visitors to feel deep immersion with extinct animals walking along side you and also feature a live NFT space just to see your NFTS run in the wild

With all this jungle mania looks to create an economy, but how do we plan to do this?

Launching jungle mania crypto which will be added to many small exchanges and eventually get listed on larger ones. This gives real value to our crypto. Furthermore all NFTS can be staked to gain this crypto.
Jungle mania crypto is the token used to gain access to our jungle mania cinemas , film festivals and the VR experience

NFT URL: https://discord.com/invite/JUHS3cgkXm

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/JungleMania_

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