V4w.enko – “512matrixesrecord-dp1115”

The sea of pixels in “color512x512x2” generates the animated visual shower of 1022x1022px as much. Matrix is passed to another color mode. The new pixel is generated with each new moment of time to the whole matrix. Two matrixes are combined in different scale and speed. The 512×512 pixels matrixes are generated with code of self-made custom algorithmic tool. The result is as much the visual flow of pixels of 512×512 visual matrix tiled and adopted to the 1022x1022px .gif file of 167 frames.

generative, abstract, pixels, 512, colors, gif, animation

NFT URL: https://linktr.ee/v4w.enko

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/v4w_enko

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