panacosmo – pana-originalcharacter #5

宇宙、異次元、ワープ、 「まさか」「そんなはずは」「あるわけが」など、 既成概念や固定観念を超越する感性の広がりを、日々に見ている様々なものにフォーカスして、感じたままを表現。 panacosmoの世界観で「素敵な笑い」が生まれたら嬉しい!

The universe, different dimensions, teleportation. Go beyond “no way”, “no chance” or “impossible”.

This work captures our sensitivity beyond preconceptions and stereotypes, focusing on various things we see in our daily lives and depicts them as we feel. I hope the concept of “panacosmo” will bring joy and expand the circle of “lovely smiles”!


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