Kevin – Foxeez NFT Collection

Are you struggling with your newly created Solana NFT collection? Do you feel lost on what to do next? Or are you exploring Solana NFTs for the first time? Perhaps it’s difficult to create a website and connect your Solana NFTs to them. Foxeez are here to help you with this! If you buy and hold a Foxeez NFT, you become a member of the Foxeez Club and get special access filled with all the resources you need!

We will provide you tutorials with screenshots, files, configurations, tips, explanations and we will also support you when you are stuck. We want you to be able to build your own Web3 Solana NFT mint website, without that you have to look at countless video’s to find out the necessary commands, or you find out that the commands are not working. For us it wasn’t easy as we knew nothing before and now we are here, able to help you with this!


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