Akihiro_369 – Tenmoku

I was attracted by the mysterious aesthetics reflected in the most beautiful and mysterious tea bowl in the history of ceramics in the world (called “Yohentenmoku / 曜変天目”).

I found the breathtaking beauty of the “universe” in the scenery within the curvy tea bowl and this experience drove me to somehow express this impression in the flat world. After expressing it on canvas at first, I attempted it on copperplate this time – this is how “Tenmoku” was born.

The work is based on the viscosity printing (Hayter method) invented by S.W. Hayter, the founder of Atelier 17, an experimental print studio in Paris that pioneered the art world in the last century.

This work has been featured/exhibited as below:

Featured on Asahi Shimbun (Hyogo Prefecture edition), February 2020
Exhibited at KANDAI MERISE (Umeda, Osaka) in August, 2020.

世界の陶芸史上でも最も美しく、そして最大の謎に包まれた幻の茶碗 (曜変天目)に映し出された神秘的な美しさに惹かれました。

茶碗の景色に息を飲むような美しさ「宇宙」を観ました。 この感動を何とかして平面の世界で表現してみたい衝動に駆られ制作しました。


■ 2020年2月 朝日新聞(兵庫県版)掲載
■ 2020年8月  KANDAI MERISE(大阪梅田) 展示

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