Central Bank Bandit – Thoughtful Insights By Central Bank Bandit

3,000 VIP NFT Passes on the Polygon Network. These NFTs release multiple small crypto giveaways and at 600 mints a Limited Edition Robo is sent to one holder with an incentive of $1,000 in crypto. There are only 5 to collect.

Central Bank Bandit has also launched CBB COIN, a coin Jon Binance pegged to

We have a decentralised UHive News Feed which provides information on how the central bank banksters are collapsing the bank and seizing your assets and more importantly your freedom. News censored by the mainstream media and who control our money.

We also have a decentralised top level domain on Handshake Blockchain. Anyone who sees something terribly wrong in the world needs to join our discord and take part.

Any social media content managers who’s content is deleted reach out we have a decentralised place where your content will get the information out.

NFT URL: https://cbbcoin.xyz/

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/CBBCoin?t=T_TP5ovN4H15Jt8PflXn9Q&s=09

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