KATA & KLAIN – “No Freaking Token”

As South American artists and art teachers we cannot avoid to discuss Art as a way to tell History, that has in the vast majority of cases resulted in only the winner’s side version of it.
To understand Art History has usually been, to us, to access a western , Europeanized, white and white sided way to tell the History of our world: how should we see the native people, how should wars conflicts be recalled and whom is even worth of being remembered at all.
NFTs today might offer a gateway to freedom of expression and to the, not yet, represented minorities through the musical, visual and even audiovisual artistic languages. On the other hand the blockchain logic and the NFTs marketplaces seem to result in just a new trading system offering not much but the promise of financial freedom at a very high aesthetic and ethic cost: the illusion of equality and freedom in a world still kneeling before financial power.
At this point, would any token represent Art at all?

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