Alexandru Crisan – [Q#5]- QUIRITATIO

Project Q description: “Qualis artifex pereo…” If ever there is a germane moment in an artist’s life to take Nero, the fifth Emperor of Rome, seriously, it is during a pandemic! These are works created between December 2019 and August 2021, the offspring of a “cordon sanitaire” that challenged my cloistered creative impulses to the brink of burnout. Nonetheless, my decade-long interest in a multifaceted abstract expressionism was nurtured by the “cordon solitaire” that the COVID-19 “Q”uarantine imposed upon me.

Artwork description: [Q#5] “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” It was the novelty and the sterility of a mid-Quarantine. It was, indeed, Dickensian in its unravelling, reeking of unsavoury characters and cautionary tales… ‘twas a true “tale of two cities”: one outside my window, vacant & pointless; the other one, a jailbird inside my head. Between those two – a quiritatio, a cry for help marooned between TV sound bites and online angst. It all converged towards the acrylic exorcism that, upon your gaze, may break down the fourth wall of pandemic rigmarole.

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Please note that this NFT is a backed by the unframed acrylic painting on handmade paper, 70 x 52 cm, that the winner of the auction may redeem once the price point of ETH 10 has been reached/exceeded. Any sale bellow this price point, and any subsequent sales of the NFT on secondary markets, will not generate any contractual obligations for the artist.

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