Enliveneth – CryptoSerpents

Our Nfts collection is inspired by children’s artwork from the 80s and 90s, each of the characters that make up our work is part of a fun and surprising microcosm that unites all the works in the same lore that allows us to provide a unique background to each work in the form of a unique personality and story.

Theyre 1/1 editions except for a few exceptions, like the CryptoSerpent #000.

With each drop, the story increases, the following CriptoSerpents are related to each other, and their objective is the same as ours, to finish the work and rebuild their planet by accumulating Tezos, something that is achieved through their disproportionate originality.

NFT URL: https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/tz/tz1csaF9qoUB4y9MwgQttDJYLKw5x6acb399

Twitter Profile URL: https://twitter.com/Enliveneth

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