vinay chikkam – The Way Of Nature

Way of nature is a visual art which is a voxel diorama which has two parts

A modern city and 2. A abandoned city
The artwork has a big magical boulder/ asteroid which has a small sand clock
Which has the power to revert/alter the time and space, The clock made the city
to change into a new Vista as you see how the city might look after a 100 years,
As the nature has the power to conquer the world, The nature’s way is unmatchable
The concept and art took me more than 5 weeks to complete with work of hours
daily approx and the turntable animation took around 3 days, seriously thought
my laptop might explode or something ,
The inspiration was from alice in borderland poster but the actual idea to do something
Like this I got a dream about it and I seriously wanted to do it and I did
Also I have used references of the last of us game and searched tons of abandoned photos

Finally I wanted to portray that the power of nature and we should protect it


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