Kevin Abanto – Psychedelic Amalgamation

Psychedelic Amalgamation is a transcendental expression of psychedelia manifested in a kaleidoscopic amalgamation of dazzling and challenging chromaticism. In this work, the chromatic nuances become a whirlwind of synesthesia, where the senses intertwine in a dance of perception in constant metamorphosis. Stripped of their traditional linearity, shapes and lines twist and merge in a visual orgy that defies coherence and reality itself, inviting the viewer to explore the unfathomable depths of the mind and immerse themselves in sensory ecstasy.

Each brush stroke seems to have been imbued with hallucinogenic substances, creating a trance-like experience that oscillates between the sublime and the chaotic. The Psychedelic Amalgamation thus becomes a portal to a parallel universe where the limits of perception vanish and the spectator is immersed in a kaleidoscopic ecstasy, a rite of passage towards sublime madness, a celebration of the mind in its most deranged state. and liberating.


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