ElmerKong – DragonSerie#1

Count with picture of dragon#1#Burning hot. As an artist born in the 1990s, he studied in Australia when he was a student and came into contact with the culture of Japan and the United States from an early age. After returning to China, he returned to the mountains and practiced meditation on Zhongnan Mountain for two years. The mages in the monastery studied Buddhist culture and traditional Chinese art. From the small learning environment and advanced creative thinking, there has been a fierce collision with Chinese traditional art. He integrated traditional Chinese painting into these works and produced a surrealistic cultural combination of Chinese art, which has a long history. The cultural treasures preserved for thousands of years have been combined with western art in different ways, so that modern people can also appreciate the wisdom of the ancients. In this series, through the combination of the traditional Chinese totem dragon image and the ancient Chinese hieroglyphs, coupled with the rich color matching of pop art, it resonates with modern people. After more than ten years of art study, I have accumulated a wealth of experience in the art world. I hope to be able to express my ideas through works of art.

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