Camblin Gllery – “A Collection of Fragments” by Houston artist Bob Camblin

“What fascinates Bob Camblin is clearly the complex and very delicate relationship between image and language. All his works have strange or fantastic titles – titles that considerably deepen or modify the perception and understanding of the picture. His landscapes, which are often vistas, with nothing mysterious or intriguing about them, can even at first sight pass as conventional works; but they take on a quiet different connotation such as with the digital mosaic “A Collection of Fragments.”

Examined more closely A Collection of Fragments contains a universe that reveals itself very slowly: Look for the anthropomorphic figures. The illusion becomes evident when you begin to understand Camblin’s diaphanous figures. Camblin wants us to understand that our experiences are a collection of fragments. That they are a process until they no longer belong to us; they are simply automatic – random and found images in process until they are stopped by removal from the mind’s coastline. We are all simply collected driftwood, flotsam and jetsam, in someone’s treasured collection of worthless objects.

“In other words, Bob Camblin is an artist who does not to give everything away immediately. His pictures are constructed like devices foe ensnaring the viewer’s attention, seeking to capture and imprison it; his aim is to fascinate the viewer and persuade her to adventure further and further into the terra incognita of speculative experience.

“His delicate chromatic treatment, the sophistication of his optical pitfalls, and the deep subtlety of his allusions make each of his works an intricate device for simulation. His claim on our attention is through his skill in allusion and deception. He traps us, and leads us into a poetic continent in which words and figures unite to set up stratagems from the other side of the pictorial mirror; they reflect back into ourselves, hinting at the secret of their language but never really revealing it. ~ Gerard-Georges Lemaire, translated from French, Cinq x Cinq Exhibition

Bob Camblin’s “A Collection of Fragments” NFT includes the 152 original works, 152 high-resolution scans, and reproduction rights.


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